/interlinguistic1327011.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,3,Tab,606814,22円,Staples,File,Tabs,gutargu.co.in,w/Reinforced,Manila,Legal,Folders Staples 606814 Manila File 2020 Folders w Tabs 3 Reinforced Tab Legal 22円 Staples 606814 Manila File Folders w/Reinforced Tabs 3 Tab Legal Office Products Office School Supplies /interlinguistic1327011.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,3,Tab,606814,22円,Staples,File,Tabs,gutargu.co.in,w/Reinforced,Manila,Legal,Folders Staples 606814 Manila File 2020 Folders w Tabs 3 Reinforced Tab Legal 22円 Staples 606814 Manila File Folders w/Reinforced Tabs 3 Tab Legal Office Products Office School Supplies

Staples 606814 Manila File 2020 国内即発送 Folders w Tabs 3 Reinforced Tab Legal

Staples 606814 Manila File Folders w/Reinforced Tabs 3 Tab Legal


Staples 606814 Manila File Folders w/Reinforced Tabs 3 Tab Legal

Product description

Make your filing system easier to manage with this box of 100 Staples legal-size reinforced-tab 3-tab manila file folders. Browse your filing system faster with these legal-size reinforced-tab manila file folders. Each file folder is scored for 0.75-inch expansion to provide more room, so it can hold more while making it easier to insert and retrieve files. These Staples manila file folders have reinforced tabs to help minimize the impact of wear and tear as staff browse through them. Manila standard thickness paper stock is long-lasting and durable. Three 1/3-cut top tabs allow ample space for labeling to keep your files organized. Legal width for holding oversize documents without folding. 100 folders store and organize countless vital documents. Contains 30% total recycled content. These Staples legal-sized manila folders are perfect for any organizational needs your business requires. Each box comes with 100 folders, and each folder has one of three tab positions for ease of filing. Made with 30% post-consumer material, these folders are not only durable and versatile, they are environmentally friendly.Durable with Reinforced TabsWith reinforced tabs, these folders are guaranteed to last longer than your standard manila folder. Made from stock, these folders can expand up to 3/4", making them durable and versatile for almost any filing and documenting needs.Three Separate Tab PositionsOrganization is a breeze with three separate tab positions in this 100-folder box. Featuring a traditional one third cut tab, these folders show content without blocking the view of the folders behind them. Use in a variety of positions in your business filing cabinet to make sure finding the exact folder is easy -- you won't have to bend folders to read labels or take unnecessary folders out of order.

Staples 606814 Manila File Folders w/Reinforced Tabs 3 Tab Legal

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