Cushion,/electroballistics1088695.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Summerville,Modern,of,Bar,,Accent,4,Stools,91円,Set,Stackable Cushion,/electroballistics1088695.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Summerville,Modern,of,Bar,,Accent,4,Stools,91円,Set,Stackable Summerville Accent ランキングTOP10 Stackable Stools Set 4 Bar of Modern Cushion 91円 Summerville Accent Stackable Stools Set of 4 Modern Cushion Bar Home Kitchen Furniture 91円 Summerville Accent Stackable Stools Set of 4 Modern Cushion Bar Home Kitchen Furniture Summerville Accent ランキングTOP10 Stackable Stools Set 4 Bar of Modern Cushion

卓越 Summerville Accent ランキングTOP10 Stackable Stools Set 4 Bar of Modern Cushion

Summerville Accent Stackable Stools Set of 4 Modern Cushion Bar


Summerville Accent Stackable Stools Set of 4 Modern Cushion Bar

Product description


Summerville Saddle-Seat Kitchen Stools Backless Stools Set of 4 Indoor Footrest Home Dining Metal Stackable Bar Stools

Experience the utmost in comfort and style with the Summerville Backless Saddle Bar Stools. This counter stool has a unique saddle-shaped seat, which is square in shape, and curved in the middle for true comfort. Featuring a crossbar on all four sides, for stability and comfort making this stool not only attractive but also very functional. Ideal for pulling up to your bedroom desk or vanity, or even using it during a family movie night, this stool is sure to grab glances in your arrangement. Crafted from metal, the frame showcases a tubular design with a crisscross support system, working well in any contemporary setting, while a metallic finish allows it to blend with a variety of color schemes.

Ergonomic, space-saving design
Sturdy modern barstools with fabric seat
Durable, coated-steel construction
Easy to carry and move around
Backless with a padded seat for comfort
Stackable style for easy storage when not in use

Single Dimension:14.35”(L) X14.35" (W) X24.41”(H)

G.W.: 22.58 lb

Color: Blue Orange Black

Quantity: 4PCs

Material: Fabric To pamp; Plastic Top amp; Heavy duty powder coated black steel base

Summerville Accent Stackable Stools Set of 4 Modern Cushion Bar

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